Emmanuel Morales

Technologist, muddling through. At your service.

Most recently, I was the Operations Manager and Newsroom Support Coordinator at Freedom of the Press Foundation.

Previously, I was an internal helpdesk specialist at a local community college.

My self-designed undergraduate studies were titled "The Intersection of Civil Liberties and Technology". This multidisciplinary study combined technology studies, political science, social science, public policy, and even a good bit of mathematics plus a dash of CS. I graduated from Hampshire College, a small liberal arts college in western Massachusetts.

During my undergraduate studies, I've interned both at the Software Freedom Law Center and Software Freedom Conservancy.

Open source projects I've contributed to include SecureDrop and Porcupine.

You can find me on Twitter, LinkedIn, and GitHub.

I think about how technology impacts the everyday lives of everyday folks, and how we can make tools to keep them safe, private, and secure.

In my spare time, I enjoy travel hacking, coffee, and catching up on political podcasts.

I'd love to hear from you.

My email address is my first name at my last name dot im. In addition, my Twitter DMs are open. Drop a line.